Monday, June 10, 2013

Step by Step

What a crazy weekend, spiritually and emotionally. We spent a lot of time praying and talking about adoption. We were asking for answers, and in particular whether we should look into adopting the girl I briefly mentioned in the last post. I could think of 10,000 reasons NOT to adopt her. But God whispered, "why not?" I decided to get in touch with someone to discuss it in more depth. After a few e-mails back and forth, later that night, she wrote to tell me a family committed to adopting the girl. My heart really truly is filled with joy for her, and I am grateful that God gave us an answer so quickly. But I don't think it was all for nothing. I think God is wanting to stretch us and open our minds and hearts to ideas, and children, we may not have normally considered. I honestly don't know when we'll adopt. We could start the process in a couple weeks, or it could be years. Right now, we're doing out best to follow what God asks of us. It's step by step, we don't see the whole plan right now, just the step directly in front of us. It can be frustrating, but I think that is how He needs to grow us in this whole process.

One thing that began this weekend was some pretty intense spiritual warfare. Thankfully, my husband recognized it for what it was, and we were able to get through it. Everyone tells me when you are following God's will, the devil will be right there with you. I'm sure we should be expecting more attacks as we pursue this.

Church was wonderful yesterday. It was one of the rare times where you almost feel like the pastor has been spying on you because his message was so perfectly tailored to what you are going through. Of course, it was God, and I knew that. He spoke about treasures, and how God asks us to trade our 'treasures' - things, money, etc. - for the real Treasure. We need to open our hands completely to God in order for Him to take control. I picture myself holding one hand outstretched, the other closed tightly behind my back. Boy, does God have more work to do in me!

He also talked about the enemy, and how he will do anything to get us to turn away from God. He will even allow us to have good things - material things, good experiences, etc. - in order to distract us from our goal. He wants us to get to the point where things are going so well, we feel like we don't need God. With the spiritual warfare that had been going on, it was all so timely.

I am so grateful for a good Sunday because I desperately needed to be refreshed.

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