Monday, May 11, 2015

Introducing Leah Grace!

My sweet Leah Grace was born April 28th at 4:01am. I had been in early labor for almost 4 days and sent home from the hospital twice, so when she finally arrived, I was beyond relieved and exhausted! It was my first birth that required no sort of intervention to speed up labor, and it was really interesting - my contractions never got closer than 10 minutes apart until transitional labor. When she came out they put her right on my chest for two hours of skin-to-skin. Her birth was the first that made me so emotional. I felt like I had waited for her. My miscarriage changed the way I see pregnancy and birth, I no longer take these things for granted. My pregnancy came with lots of fears, because once you experience first-hand that things don't always end well, it's always in the back of your mind. But she arrived, healthy, safe, and beautiful.

Daddy and his newest princess

Cora holding the sister she's waited for

Mommy and baby

Sleeping beauty

The boys love her!

 Mommy and baby. Leah is almost 2 weeks old in this photo!

This photo we took on Mother's Day. It's the first photo of me with all 4 kids. It's crazy to think that we have 4 kids now! They are my life, my joy, I love them so much. 

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