Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Minivan Needed!

Hey, we've hit just over 2,000 page views, pretty cool for my little blog. :)

So, we need help.

It's becoming pretty clear to us that we need a minivan. We should be licensed by summer, and theoretically, we could receive a call for a child anytime after that. Even if God doesn't lead us that route, adoption is in our future, and with any luck, sometime we will host a Ukranian orphan for the summer. (I'm working on hubby. LOL) We have our Camry filled with three kids in the back, and unless they make it legal to stuff kids in the trunk, we need to upgrade. We had been planning to save up once we're out of debt. We do not want to finance one if possible. So please, just keep an ear out if anyone is getting rid of one. We are trusting that God will provide if it's in His will, so we just want to keep an ear out for a good opportunity. Even if you can't help in that way, please just pray for us.


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