Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Because this one matters.

When God burdened us for orphans, we had no idea where He would lead us. We both definitely see adoption in the future, but as we await God's direction, I have been helping to advocate for orphans and donating money when I can. I just cannot bear NOT being a part of helping orphans, and really there are so many ways to help!

So here is my announcement: I have chosen to be a Christmas Warrior for a Reece's Rainbow child. Reece's Rainbow was created to advocate and find families for orphans with Down Syndrome and other special needs. The main way they do that is by raising adoption grants. Every year, they do their Christmas Angel Tree program. It runs from November 1-December 31 and is their most important fundraiser. To be a Christmas Warrior, you choose a child and commit to raising $1,000 for their adoption grant. Money is by far the biggest obstacle for families wishing to adopt, so making funds available can really make a huge difference. When you donate $35 to a child's Angel Tree fund, you will receive an ornament with the child's photo on it. A great gift, and a wonderful reminder of who your donation is helping.

I saw a photo a few weeks ago that broke my heart into pieces. It was one of those photos that stays with you. When I closed my eyes, I saw it. It never left me. So when the child in this photo needed a Christmas Warrior, I stepped up. Because they ALL matter. Every last one.

Meet Reign.

Reign spends her days laying on her back in a crib. Let me rephrase that...she spends her YEARS laying on her back in a crib. Years. Because sweet Reign is 14 years old.

Can you imagine? 14 years of laying there, with no mom or dad coming for her. Alone. Forgotten.

But she is not forgotten! I am determined to do my part to raise funds and advocate on her behalf. Maybe, if we spread her information and photos around, her mama and daddy will see her. And come for her.

Reign has cerebral palsy. There is no knowing whether or not she is a prisoner in her body. She may not even be mentally delayed! There are therapies here in the US that could help her. She could learn to communicate in some way. She would be cuddled, kissed, touched, loved. All the things every child deserves.

Fundraising officially begins November 1st. I am brainstorming ideas for how to get this sweet girl's grant higher. I am hoping to do an online auction, so if anyone has anything to donate, or services to donate, please contact me. In the meantime, please keep Reign in your prayers, and search your heart! I am hoping you will consider joining me in raising her grant!

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  1. Thank you so much for loving sweet Reign and for being her warrior!