Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Busy making plans!

I'm really excited! I've been busy planning fundraisers for November to benefit Reign.

*As of November 1st, I will begin taking orders for my famous scones. (This is pending a few cross-country shipping trial runs!) I am not 100% sure what flavors I will be offering, but I plan to sell 8 scones for $15 which includes shipping.

*Early November, I will be doing an online auction on Facebook. I have some great items so far, like new baby clothes, gift cards, jewelry, etc. I'll post the link here, so keep an eye out! (And contact me if you'd like to donate anything!)

*November 24th I will be hosting an event at my home! I will have all of my Ava Anderson products out for sampling, (commission from orders placed will go to Reign!) a table of baked goods, and (hopefully) handmade ornaments for sale. I will also be selling raffle tickets for a 'pamper' themed basket full of Ava products and other goodies. There will be refreshments as well.

I pray I can raise the $1,000 for her. But even more than that, I pray for her family to find her. I know she is not forgotten! Sometimes I feel so helpless to do anything to help, but even this small act can make a difference.

A few days ago, we scheduled our first home visit with someone from CT foster/adopt. I am so glad we are moving forward, but I don't think it's really hit me. I am also very unfamiliar with the domestic adoption process, because I have done much more research into international. Although that would still be unfamiliar ground, too! I am just hoping things will go smoothly. And if this isn't the right choice for us, I pray God will close doors!

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