Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our Auction is LIVE!

Phew. I never realized how all-consuming fundraising for my AT child would be! I'm always thinking about her and how I can help make her adoption grant grow.

We purchased an ornament with Reign's photo on it. (Donate $35 or more to her AT fund and you can choose to have an ornament sent to you) My daughter, Cora, who is 7, studied the photo for a long time. She asked me lots of questions, like, "why is her head shaved? Will she ever be able to walk? How is she 14 and still so small?" I answered all of her questions. She loves Reign. I am grateful that we have had the pleasure of raising such a sweet little girl. She donated a watercolor painting she made to the auction I am doing.

Speaking of the auction, it is live! Please check it out and share, share, share. We have some awesome products, everything from Pampered Chef to jewelry to cupcakes! Lots of great gift ideas, and all for a great cause.

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